• measuring range from 120mm to 1300mm
  • high resolution
  • maximum accuracy
  • detection of any kind of material

Product info

US.52 is a sensor for the distance measurement of an object without contact. The sensor is able to detect the distance of reels of any kind of material, color and transparence. Fog, dust and impurities in the working environment are not a problem for the detection.

Thanks to the sensor high resolution and small blind spots, US.52 sensor guarantees the highest reliability and the highest precision. To calculate precisely the reel diameter in order to detect the web tension, US.52 can be used both with Re tension controllers or other devices such as PLC.


Technical data

Power supply 15÷30 Vdc (24 Vdc)
Max absorption 40 mA
Working frequency 200 kHz
Min measurable distance 120 mm
Max measurable distance 1300 mm
Repeatability accuracy +/- 0,15% FS
Resolution ≤ 0,069 mm
Analog output 0÷10 Vdc 1 proportional to distance
Connection Connector M12x1
Polarity reversal protected Yes
Working temperature -25÷70°C
Temperature compensation Yes
IP protection class IP67
Material Nickel plated brass
Weight 45 g
Dimensions 52,5 x 22 x 22 mm
5 pin cable with shield connector 10 m


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