• detects both lines and edges
  • automatic selection of the lighting colour for contrast
  • micrometric electronic movement (EMD)
  • wide viewing area of 28 mm
  • easy and quick calibration

Product info

TL.01 is an optical sensor able to read lines and/or edges of laminates using the contrast of the light produced.
With a wide visual area of about 28mm and a response time of 1msec, TL.01 can detect continuous or interrupted coloured lines on light, dark, transparent, metallic and reflecting backgrounds thanks to the automatic selection of the lighting colour to achieve the maximum contrast.

The sensor is equipped with a 4 digit display, a led bar to display the most important parameters and the position of the line or edge, and 4 buttons fo the calibration. It also features a micrometric electronic movement (E.M.D.) of the reading position without reducing the visual area.


Technical data

Power supply 12÷24 Vdc
Viewing area 28 mm
Adjustable reading area 1-28 mm
Analog output 0÷5 Vdc, 0÷10 Vdc optional
Response time 1 ms
E.M.D. 0,1 mm
Working temperature 0÷50 °C
IP protection class IP40
Dimensions 80 x 50 x 60 mm


  Datasheet Drawing PDF Drawing Dwg 3D User manual


Aluminium foil Carton Board
Paper Plastic film
Tissue Wire / Cables