• measuring range of 16 mm
  • center and edge guide
  • 0,1 mm of resolution
  • special versions with centesimal reading
  • special version for noisy environments

Product info

The ultrasonic SU sensors are specifically designed for detecting of the edges of materials such as paper, carton, plastic film of any colour or transparent.

The size and connection of all models is identical, so they are totally interchangeable on the web guide, depending on the needs of the application. If two sensors are used simultaneously the centre guide can also be selected from the remote control unit.

The SU-M.25-SKB version is IP 54: protected from dust and splashing of water. The SU.7-B.50 version is specific for noisy environments.


Technical data

  SU-M.25 SU.5-B.50 SU.5-B.100 SU.7-B.50
Voltage supply 12÷24 Vdc 12 Vdc (o 24 Vdc) 12 Vdc (o 24 Vdc) 12 Vdc (o 24 Vdc)
Absorption < 50 mA < 50 mA < 50 mA < 50 mA
Fork width (mm) 25 48 90 48
Measuring range (mm) 5 16 16 8
Resolution 0,01 0,1 0,1 0,1
Analog output 10÷5 Vdc, 4÷20 mA 0÷5 Vdc 0÷5 Vdc 0÷5 Vdc, 0÷10 Vdc, 4÷20 mA
Working temperature 0÷50 °C 0÷50 °C 0÷50 °C 0÷50 °C
IP protection class IP40 / IP54 IP40 IP40 IP20


  Datasheet Drawing PDF Drawing Dwg 3D User manual
SU.5-B50 / B100        


Aluminium foil Carton Board
Paper Plastic film