• original
  • guarantee high performance
  • long lifecycle
  • no pneumatic brake damage
  • safeguard of the environment

Product info

The original Re spare parts for pneumatic brakes represent the best in terms of performance, comfort and durability. They are designed and manufactured to meet the same qualitative standards of Re products and guarantee the best performance for a pneumatic brake in any working condition. The very high designing standard, the stricted controls of the whole productive process and materials selection, ensure the best qualitative and technological level.

Selecting low quality spare parts, can often cause serious problems not only to the whole pneumatic brake but also to the operator's health; only with Re original spare parts we can guarantee the maximum performance our pneumtic brakes can reach.

BRAKE DISCS: Re brake discs are provided with a technology that guarantees a perfect cooling of the crucial zone of the brake, maintaining very high performances and increasing the lifecycle of the pneumatic brake.

BRAKE PADS: Since years we have been testing and selecting the best performing mixture to guarantee high performances, long life span and, moreover, no emission of fine particles that can damage the operator health. All Re brake pads are strictly asbestos-free.

ATTENTION: nowadays you can find on the market several kind of pads that are apparently similar to Re ones, but performances are very low and sometimes happens that they cause a permanent damage to the brake.


Technical data

Brake disc Old CX disc New CX disc
Material cast iron G26 special cast iron
Heat dissipation with dx rotation 100% 100%
Heat dissipation with sx rotation -20% 100%
Pads wear with HP3 fan 3-4 years +20%
Taper lock max 45x75 50x80
Max central bore with key 65 H7 + key 75 H7 + key
Min hole without bush 35 H7 + key 30 H7 + key
Weight with short hub 9 kg 9,5 kg
Weight with long hub 11 kg 11,5 kg
Asbestos free yes yes yes
Powder emission limitation ooooo oooo ooo
Performance with high temperature ooooo oooo ooo
Life span ooooo ooo ooooo
Waterproof oooo ooo oo
RoHS compliance yes yes yes
Antivibration ooo (AR3) ooo (AR1) no
Antirotation yes no no
Wear sensor yes no no


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New CX disc        
Combiflex pads        


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Paper Plastic film
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