SmartMotion web guide controller

  • savings in terms of wiring
  • compact
  • Great accuracy, fluidity and quickness in the movement
  • noiseless

Product info

SmartMotion is the new web guide controller planned for small and medium size web guide systems fusing the stepper motor and the driver technologies into a single device.

The "fusion" between these two parts of the web guiding system allows a great compactness, saves in terms of wiring and control of the actuator stroke without using mechanical or electronic devices.

The motor is controlled to 1/128 step, giving the whole web guide system a greater accuracy, fluidity in the movement, quickness and low noise. An high heat dissipation range guarantees a low and constant working temperature of the stepper motor, avoiding overheating of the whole web guide system.

WLigo display. It has been specifically designed for those applications which request the usage of more than one web guide system installed on a unique plant: using just one remote control you can control and manage all parameters of each webguide system connected in series. Extremely compact in size, it is equipped with a 3,5" resistive touch screen display

RCU card. This optional is useful to control more than one webguide with the Smartmotion system, or if it's used more than one sensor. it's compact in size and can be mountad on DIN bar inside the electric panel.


Technical data

Power supply 24 Vdc
Max absorption 3 A
Response time 1 ms
Analogue inputs 0÷5 Vdc 2 inputs for sensors
Digital inputs 12÷24 Vdc 2 inputs for remote controls (Auto/Man, Servocenter)
Fieldbus CAN Re (proprietary protocol)
Working temperature 0÷50 °C
IP protection class IP54
RCU card  
Power supply 24 Vdc
Digital inputs 24 Vdc 8 inputs for PLC remote control
Relay digital inputs 24 Vdc 2 for alarms
Fieldbus CAN Re (proprietary protocol)
Working temperature 0÷50 °C
IP protection class IP20


  Datasheet Drawing PDF Drawing Dwg 3D User manual
Smartmotion system      


Aluminium foil Carton Board
Paper Plastic film
Tissue Wire / Cables