• quick and easy installation
  • high reliability
  • ease of use
  • can be used with 4 load cells
  • mV or mA inputs and outputs

Product info

Pyxis is an analogue amplifer for load cells, microprocessor controlled, compact and easy to use.
It is installed on flexographic, rotogravure, cutting, etc. machines to detect the tension of the laminates. Its HW/SW con􀀬guration cuts signal processing times and allows up to four load cells to be connected.

Pyxis has just 3 push-buttons for calibration and programming, and a 3-digit display which at all times shows the function selected or the tensioning value.
Both load cell inputs and outputs for connection to your PLC or actuator system can be selected in voltage (mV) or current (mA).


Technical data

Power supply 24 Vdc (18÷30 Vdc max)
Consumption 250 mA max
Working temperature 0÷50° C
Inputs 0÷60 mV / 4÷40 mA
for load cells
Analog output 0÷10 V or 4÷20 mA
Analog outputs 2 for 0÷10 V
with adjustable digital filter for remote display or amplified input
Relay digital outputs 2 for 24 Vdc/Vac
for alarms
Outputs 24 Vdc
for remote display supply


  Datasheet Drawing PDF Drawing Dwg 3D User manual


Aluminium foil Carton Board
Paper Plastic film
Tissue Wire / Cables