• for cores of 3" and 6"
  • no damage of the reel cores
  • wider supporting surface, greater core stability
  • 7,5mm frction rings
  • usage both with carton and plastic cores

Product info

Re friction shafts are the ideal solution for multiple and independent rolls rewinding on the same shaft, as each one needs a proper web tension.

During the rewinding process of multiple rolls, obtained after the cutting process of a plastic film or paper or any other material, is it common to have important differences of thickness and, consequently, differences of the web tension.
To solve this issue, the friction shafts ensure a different management of the rolls locking onto one or multiple friction rings the core of each roll to obtain a precise rewinding and a uniform web tension of each roll.

Re friction shafts are equipped with nickel-plated steel friction rings with wide supporting surface thanks to the expanding rolls which, compared to the balls guarantee a wider gripping area. This new technology for friction shafts ensures:

  • Wider supporting surface: the expanding rollg guarantees a wide supporting surface, it means that it ensure a greater stability of the reel core that remains perfectly perpendicular to the central shaft.
  • No damage of the reel core: with the expanding balls often happens that they create a groove in the cores during the reel unloading; the expanding roll guarantee a safe and easy reel unloading allowing the reuse of the cores as thay are not damaged.
  • Usage both with carton and plastic cores: thanks to the wider supporting surface, the friction rings with expanding rolls ensure a perfect grip both with carton and plastic cores avoiding any kind of core slipping.
  • Smallest dimension: thanks to the small dimension and the wide supporting surface of expanding rolls is it possible to realize friction rings with a minimum width of 7,5mm without any loss of performance. It means that they can be use in a wider range applications than the friction rings with balls.

Technical data

Friction ring dimension (width)   standard 7,5mm - 19mm - 39mm
Reel core diameter   3" - 6"
Max expansion of the roll on the shaft ø expanding roll ø3mm
expanding roll ø5mm
1,5÷1,6 mm on ø
3,5mm on ø
Shaft diameter   standard 3" - 6"
Listels   3 felt listels

*other dimension on request



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