ELEFLEX electromagnetic brakes

  • <1% residual torque
  • lowering of the mechanical friction
  • lowering of the iron circuit residual magnetism
  • 5% max torque variation

Product info

Since more than 30 years, Re produces a wide range of electromagnetic powder brakes for converting industry.
The experience gained during years, thousands of applications, the constant research into materials and the studies carried out on brakes performance, have allowed us to increase our know-how and to continually improve our product.

Eleflex electromagnetic brakes gurantee:

  • high precision torque control
  • compact size
  • no dust emissions
  • reduced residual torque
  • versatility and flexibility

The range of electromagnetic powder brakes Eleflex, from the small B.121 to the bigger B.5000. they guarantee torques from 12 to 500 Nm and an heat dissipation from 80 W to 1300 W; moreover, to increase performance and accordingly to the application, they can be all equipped with fan or radiator.

Re electromagnetic brakes are particularly suitable for use on printing machines, both flexographic and rotogravure, on food packaging machines and on all those kind of machines that require zero dust emissions such as in clean rooms.


Technical data

  B.121 B.351 B.651 B.1201 B.1701 B.2500 B.5000
Torque 12 Nm 35 Nm 65 Nm 120 Nm 170 Nm 250 Nm 500 Nm
Residual torque 0,06 Nm 0,2 Nm 0,4 Nm 0,5 Nm 0,5 Nm 3 Nm 6 Nm
Current 1 A 1 A 1 A 1 A 1 A 0,94 A 0,94 A
Resistance 24 Ohm 24 Ohm 24 Ohm 24 Ohm 24 Ohm 25,5 Ohm 25,5 Ohm
Voltage 24 V 24 V 24 V 24 V 24 V 24 V 24 V
Power dissipation 80 W 130 W 170 W 330 W 450 W 500 W 1300 W


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