Revision II Caravaggio

System for large images

Revision II Caravaggio

  • viewing area 195x260 mm
  • image reconstruction
  • quick installation and easy operation
  • 20x optical zoom
  • save up to 90 images

Product info

With a visual field of 195 x 260 mm, and a 20X optical zoom, the web viewing system ReVision II Caravaggio 350 is the perfect solution for those who print very large images and want to monitor them in their entirety.

Special features of this system include the “image reconstruction” function and the simple choice of portions to be displayed within the whole reconstruction which is shown with a grid from which the relevant zone can be selected.

The CV 350 allows saving of 9 images or positions in 10 different folders and downloading of the images to a PC connected to the camera by an Ethernet port, and it has 8 Xenon lamps, selectable if you need to see shadows or lacquer or adhesive deposits.


Technical data

Viewing area (mm) 195x260
Movement motorized
Picture reconstruction included
Scanning 8 pictures/positions included
Optical zoom 10x+2x
Picture memory 8+1 (x 10 file)
Download over Ethernet gate included
Bar code reader optional
Touch screen included
Lamp for UV inks optional
Colour density reference (RGB/CYM) included


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